Google Insights for Search dissolved in Google Trends

google insights for search

Google Insights for Search has been removed by Google from its services and products page on September 27, 2012. Google has ended more than 50 products from its collection within a year and Insights for Search is one of them. Well, good news is that the tool has dissolved in Google Trends. Google explains, “The new Google Trends now includes features from both products and makes it easier and more intuitive to dig into the data.” Google promises a clean new interface to give you a clearer view of what’s on the world’s mind. Users can now visualize the data with more advanced line charts and maps those are powered by Google Chart Tools.

google insights

Google Insights for Search and Google Trends are ONE

The new Google Trends now includes features from both products and makes it easier and more intuitive to dig into the data.

Google Insights for Search and Google Trends services have been put into one place and Google presents this merger as a revised version of Google Trends. Insights for Search was a proven tool for researchers, businesses and SEO professionals. Google Trends was not able to help people with such kind of research work prior to the merger. Instead, Google Trends was helping marketers as they could monitor and research queries relevant to their products. Google Trends was available with simple interface to show the latest hot topics and hot searches happening on the internet.

google trends

Now, you can find the functionality of both worlds into one. You can still use the functionality of Insights for Search and this is available with a different interface. However, both functionalities are based on the volume of search terms entered by the Google users around the world. Google has not developed anything new with the release of freshly Google Trends except the idea of Google Insights merging. This is why; the merge should not be confused by advanced version of Google Trends. On the contrary, access to Google Trends for websites ( has been discontinued and facility of website comparison and viewing traffic stats is closed now.

Insights for Search dissolves to make Trends better

Google Trends and Google Insights for Search have been redesigned and merged into a single powerful tool.

In order to make Trends better, easier and more popular, Google decided to deprecate the great tool — Insights for Search. Now you can use Google Trends for your keyword research and plan your digital marketing. You can also find what’s hot in your region and what is trending around the Globe. The revamped tool is even helpful to study and predict search terms. You cannot use the web address to get the tool but if you do so, you will be redirected to that still offers Google Trends and that is with the power of Insights for Search.

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