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Web Platform Docs is currently in alpha” as on Jan 16, 2013.

doc sprint swag

Web Platform Doc Sprint Swag

It was October 8, 2012 when W3C announced Web Platform Docs and one more yet fresh and new community driven site was launched to help web developers and designers. I instantly visited the website www.webplatform.org with curiosity and lots of excitement. This is what I love – learning about latest web trends. The WPD is not a trend yet but it will become soon as the expectations are high and the project is under progress.

Introduction to Web Platform Docs

We have needed a site like Web Platform Docs for years.

I really admire the internet for it is the main resource of my learning. As a web technology lover, I visit tech news and design/trends websites on a daily basis to keep myself updated. Sometimes, I go to different sites to learn different aspects and have wider understanding of a particular subject.

The emergence of Web Platform Docs is good news for me and my web developer/designer friends. It aims to help professionals and enthusiasts like you and me by providing definitive resource and reliable information on Open Web Platform. The concept of WPD is to keep and maintain it as single source of accurate and quality content on latest web standards. It would also serve as common place where everyone (beginner or advanced users) can come, learn, explore and even contribute. Since the whole community of designers is invited to participate and get engaged, the information found here would be tested and updated. If you feel that the information needs to be improved, you are welcome to be part of the project and edit the information here.

Let’s name the contributors

web platform stewards

The project is in a very initial phase and relatively small in size at this moment. The website would grow over time and become huge as we can expect from its nature. The responsibility is really high for W3C and this is why big names like Apple, Adobe, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and many others have come forward to support and fund the project. The group is called Web Platform stewards.

“We have needed a site like Web Platform Docs for years”, says Lars Erik Bolstad, VP Core Technology, at Opera Software. Opera is also participating as a steward.

Importance of Web Platform Docs

your web documented

  • The project targets the entire Open Web Platform and serves comprehensive and authoritative source for web developer documentation.
  • The mission is to keep information up-to-date and correct in parallel with its practical acceptance.
  • It is one more step towards maintaining web standards and web technology features, and their promotion across the community.
  • The strength of the project is not only its detailed documentation but also the concept of making it open, current and trusted.
  • Anybody can access the resource, learn and share with the community, even contribute to Web Platform Docs.

Structure of Webplatform.org

Web Platform Docs is the first and most important piece of WebPlatform.org

The docs or wiki pages are the source/main pages where you can find all kind of information to learn and boost your skills. You can also find tools to edit the information as a generous member of the site, if you feel that you can improve or update pages. A community driven site is incomplete without a forum. You can visit the section if you wish to interact with the community. In addition, you can even join live chat to communicate to other members almost on any topic. Further, read blog posts to know status and see changes of WPD.

web platform docs

The docs are helpful in three different ways. You can start with learning basics of the web and various technologies. Browse topics to have good understanding of web standards and design concepts. For completeness of the learning process, tutorials have also been uploaded.

All materials on Web Platform Docs are freely available and licensed under creative commons. That means you can share and reuse the content so that more and more people can apply latest HTML5, CSS3, and other Web standards.

Events or Doc Sprints

WPD Stewards have already started working on the project. We should thank them for their contributions and appreciate their genuine efforts for making it better and more useful. What is noticeable is all this happening in a focused and speedy way. Quite frequently, they are organizing events which is a series of Doc Sprints. And progressively, they are improving Web Platform Docs, step by step.

A doc sprint is a period of concentrated effort by a number of people to improve documentation.

With each doc sprint we do, we’re getting better at running these
—Scott Rowe, Google.

Looking at the future

People all over the web are contributing great ideas and tools, and the momentum for viable, open, global web standards is growing every day.

—Published on Jan 16, 2013.

This is the alpha release of Web Platform Docs and they have put enough content for developers/designers to start with. There is no doubt in the reliability of the project as W3C itself is there to administrate the project. Big players from the industry have come together to support the project that makes it prospective and flourishing. Also, learning is a never-ending process and web technologies never stop evolving. It is expected that most people would love to attach themselves and become part of the project.

W3C has said that the site would also display the status of a particular technology’s standardization and cross-browser implementation. I really loved the idea of maintaining such a definitive resource for all open web technologies. With Web Platform Docs, web professionals will save time and resources by consulting with confidence a single site for current, cross-browser and cross-device coding best practices.

Both thumbs up!

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