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We cannot compare feature rich paid hosting plan with a free service even if it’s best free web hosting. A premium hosting is always worth buying because of its safety, reliability and better resources. When we pay, we know that service provider is bound by a contract and will keep its services up and running till the term ends. It’s kind of moral or legal satisfaction.

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Free web hosting is not always happy hosting

About this review article, I spent a good amount of time to complete *my list of 5 best free web hosting services with no advertisement. My evaluation is not based on anonymous user reviews or SEO based search engine results. I rather relied on company’s background and experience in various web products. I also tried to assure myself that a company is not just running into bold catchy words but also cares about its products, hardware and technology. The services listed here are having new versions of MySQL and PHP and offering access to control panel for easier web management.

Free web hosting is recommended for beginners who are here for learning or professionals who are working on their under construction projects. Low traffic business websites can start with trying free services from these hosting providers but eventually should buy a reliable hosting plan. However, here is the list of best free web hosting services, in no particular order –

000webhost Review: is probably the most popular website which offers free web hosting services without advertising. When I got to know about it, I immediately visited to see the website’s global ranking and to my surprise, it ranks at 1,461. I was surprised because (world’s largest web hosting company with over 11 million customers on paid services and over 18 million domain names) ranks very close at 1,435 globally by Alexa.

000webhost is providing free cPanel hosting services with no ads since 2007 and guarantees that it’s hosting will always be 100% free. The website also adds, “We are probably the only free web hosting company that has proof for 99% uptime guarantee.”

Special Features

Disk Space – 1500 MB
Data Transfer – 100 GB/month
Latest version of PHP and MySQL
5 E-mail Addresses
2 MySQL Databases


AwardSpace Review: AwardSpace attracted me because of its number of services offered, which only reflects that AWARDSPACE.COM is here for serious business. The company has gathered an extensive background of its two mother companies AttractSoft GmbH & Zetta Hosting Solutions ltd. AttractSoft GmbH is a new generation internet company while Zetta Hosting Solutions Ltd. was founded in 2003 as a pure free web hosting provider.

You can sign up for free web hosting service to take a test ride before you go for a paid plan or you can continue to host your low traffic/non-profit website or under development project. is maintaining free hosting with fixed traffic allotment.

Special Features

250MB disk space, 5GB traffic and 1 domains hosting
PHP 5, Perl/CGI-BIN, 1 MySQL(v.5) Database and FTP Access
100% No ads
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FreeHostia Review: FreeHostia gets its place in the list because I found the name everywhere else when I was doing my research. I also found that it’s quite popular among users who are looking for a good free web hosting service. is owned by LiquidNet Ltd, a UK-based company. LiquidNet Ltd. was established in February 2003 and since then offering professional services including web hosting, reseller hosting and domain registration.

FreeHostia’s free web hosting plan can accommodate personal websites, small community portals, forums, blogs, content management systems, online shops and corporate websites. Moreover, you can use your free hosting account for as long as you want without any charge. No ads, no hidden fees.

Special Features

250 MB Disk Space, 6 GB Monthly Traffic
POP3/IMAP E-mail accounts

Hostinger Review: Hostinger International Ltd ( is providing free web hosting service from its Philippines based web address while its operating in United States from (paid hosting service) website. Hostinger reasons that free service is part of its branding strategy and it covers the cost by offering paid hosting upgrades. Hostinger also says that it has no plans to close this service anytime.

Hostinger Group established in 2004. “Hostinger, UAB is an ICANN accredited registrar. ICANN accreditation mean that company has been verified, has a strong financial ground and can be trusted.” – As mentioned on

Special Features

2000 MB of disk space
PHP 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 versions
MySQL Version 5.1


XtreemHost Review: Xtreemhost is a web hosting service that provides free and cheap unlimited hosting including PHP and MySQL support, domain name support, etc. without ads. The free service is part of ServeNets, a company located in Belgium. ServeNets also offers ad supported free hosting, premium hosting, domain name registration and site management.

The only good thing I have found is Xtreemhost has recently upgraded the PHP version on all free hosting servers to version 5.2.17 and upgraded a few other modules like Zend and phpMyAdmin.

Special Features

Webspace – 2500 MB
Monthly Bandwidth – 100 GB
MySQL Space – 50 MB
File Size Limit – 4 MB
1 MySQL Database and 1 FTP Account

*My list of free services is for reference purpose only and does not promote any website. is not responsible for your decision of using these services. Please read terms and conditions page from each service provider before signing up.



What a great list! 

When something is good it stays accurate even after 3 years :) 

I love 000webhost!


Really great service provider, speed is uptime, live chat from cpanel makes life a lot easier. I enjoy having them as my hosting provider.


Hostinger is the worst hosting provider in the world. I purchase their premium hosting for 3 years. I was happy at first but after 7 months I started receiving error like resource reach limit error, internal server error, and gateway timeout error. The average time of reply if you open a support ticket is 6 to 10 hours. If they reply they always said that your website is fine, they will not help you technically. One customer representative will tell you different from the other customer service representative. Their premium hosting is very limited in memory, not suitable for your small business.


@ady they're not bad, at least now they aren't, I believe they've improved their services A LOT, the customer support staff responds you in minutes, since they have a 24/7 live chat, only with bigger issues you have to submit a ticket, also was replied in couple of hours or so. 


Hostinger is TERRIBLE! At full price paid service you get constant 404 server errors and lose viewers to your website.


@minted I used to get those too, then I learned how to optimise my account and it works very well now,
you should really larn how to do that,especially if you're using the free plan :) hope I could help :)

Rajesh Chauhan
Rajesh Chauhan

GoogieHost offers PHP 5.4 and more advance features

Theuns Dirkse Van Schalkwyk
Theuns Dirkse Van Schalkwyk

000webhost does not have php 5.3 for free accounts, only for paid, so some software will not work with this...