About SlicePages

SlicePages.com is a blog maintained by Manoj Kumar Chauhan who writes to share his thoughts and suggestions about web design, blogging, search engine optimization, internet marketing and online publishing. The blog is running on WordPress publishing platform and the author is using the medium to express his knowledge and understandings based on his experiences, beliefs and practices. The website not only does express technology and programming but also art and philosophy.

The domain name was registered on November 18, 2011 but the website came to life when its first article Introduction to Web Designing got published on June 1, 2012. The site (slicepages.com) was primarily designed for flash designers but when suggestions and more tutorial requests were made by internet users, the website shifted its focus from Flash to web designing, blogging and internet marketing.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Quoted by Steve Jobs

Goal and Vision

Our aim is to serve people who are associated with website construction by any means. To the best of our efforts, we try to publish latest, original and innovative content. We are trying to cover different aspects of website designing while exploring major areas in the same field. We are also planning to add more features to the site in order to make learning and advancing better.

We want our visitors to engage themselves with our website having faith and confidence. All we need is a long lasting relationship with our users while developing trust and understanding. Your support and our effort together, can yield a strong network of wonderful people. That will inspire us to work harder.

We highly admire your suggestions concerning slicepages.com website. Please do write and let us know, how we are doing and what we are missing. This is really important in order to serve you better.

Email: webmaster@slicepages.com

About Manoj

Hi! This is Manoj Chauhan and I have created the website SlicePages.com. I started my college education with a course in fashion designing (NIFT, New Delhi – 2000) and later opted for Diploma in Digital Animation (New Delhi YMCA – 2004). I got opportunity to work with multimedia studios and web designing firms (based in India and Canada) and gained experience in production of audio-visuals, presentations, e-learning applications and websites. I have also worked on small and large projects as a freelancer.

The reason behind setting up my own professional blog is my belief that any topic could be explained in simple language and introduced in an easy to understand way without being too much technical or speaking like an expert. I am trying to write articles and tutorials for beginners and professional bloggers so that my blog could benefit a broader community.

I love web. Internet technologies excite me. And that’s why I always crave for new things and learning about latest technologies, developments, social media tools etc. And one common fact that remains is all of them are changing so fast that keeping updates is impossible for any news blog. However, I write my blog to answer most common questions and explain things you need in first place to grow your website.

With new opportunities, I want to blog, share and create meaningful websites.

– Manoj Chauhan (manoj_chauhan@about.me)