Retina Display From Apple Is Not A Technology: Learn More

About Retina display by Apple

All of us are always overwhelmed by Apple products and we love those amazing and unique features of Apple. The New iPad with Retina display is already in news but the term Retina display is not new. Apple has already introduced the Retina display feature with iPhone 4 that released on June 24, 2010. Retina […]

What Google Thinks of Description Meta Tag


Google really likes the Description Meta tag. Meta Description is a place where webmasters tell about their websites or webpages to introduce them. Google understands the importance of this information and prefers to display it as snippet along with the associated URL in search results. Google Understands the Description Meta Tag Google likes to see […]

How to Update WordPress Plugins Manually – Complete Guide

how to update wordpress plugin manually

Plugins are widely used extensions of WordPress. You can create a WordPress website successfully but you can hardly manage it without using plugins. Plugins make your WordPress life easy and more powerful. To know more about plugins, you should definitely read previous tutorial – How to install WordPress plugins. Chances are you have already done […]

How to Install WordPress Plugins – Complete Guide

install wordpress plugins complete guide

Installing a plugin is super easy from WordPress Dashboard on self hosted website, and it’s also not hard even if you do it via FTP. But that doesn’t mean that I should not write a tutorial – How to Install WordPress Plugins. That also doesn’t mean that you should install any other plugin just because […]

Best Free Web Hosting with NO Ads

best free web host

We cannot compare feature rich paid hosting plan with a free service even if it’s best free web hosting. A premium hosting is always worth buying because of its safety, reliability and better resources. When we pay, we know that service provider is bound by a contract and will keep its services up and running […]

How to Create a Website Free of Cost

create free website

Maintaining a good website is not easy for starters as it requires both time and money. People with good coding skills come with a level of confidence and they also risk spending some money in order to publish a website. Today, I am going to list here few services that are essential for any blog […]

WEB PLATFORM DOCS – not just community-driven site!

doc sprint swag

“Web Platform Docs is currently in alpha” as on Jan 16, 2013. It was October 8, 2012 when W3C announced Web Platform Docs and one more yet fresh and new community driven site was launched to help web developers and designers. I instantly visited the website with curiosity and lots of excitement. This is […]

Google Insights for Search dissolved in Google Trends

google insights for search

Google Insights for Search has been removed by Google from its services and products page on September 27, 2012. Google has ended more than 50 products from its collection within a year and Insights for Search is one of them. Well, good news is that the tool has dissolved in Google Trends. Google explains, “The […]

Google Penguin Update: FAQ

introduction to google penguin

Google Penguin Update is a new algorithm change that released on April 24, 2012 to decrease the ranking of those websites which are using Black Hat SEO techniques to rank themselves high. Google officially announced this update as Penguin Update, but interestingly Matt Cutts of Google first called this update “over optimization filter” and then […]

Writing an ActionScript 3 class

actionscript 3 class

Here are some basics of ActionScript 3 class, you should study before you start writing an AS3 class. It would be your great encounter with ActionScript 3 class. If you have understood very basic things explained in previous tutorial, you can upgrade your understanding here at a progressive speed. Follow the steps ahead and start […]