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What Google Thinks of Description Meta Tag


Google really likes the Description Meta tag. Meta Description is a place where webmasters tell about their websites or webpages to introduce them. Google understands the importance of this information and prefers to display it as snippet along with the associated URL in search results. Google Understands the Description Meta Tag Google likes to see […]

Google Insights for Search dissolved in Google Trends

google insights for search

Google Insights for Search has been removed by Google from its services and products page on September 27, 2012. Google has ended more than 50 products from its collection within a year and Insights for Search is one of them. Well, good news is that the tool has dissolved in Google Trends. Google explains, “The […]

Google Penguin Update: FAQ

introduction to google penguin

Google Penguin Update is a new algorithm change that released on April 24, 2012 to decrease the ranking of those websites which are using Black Hat SEO techniques to rank themselves high. Google officially announced this update as Penguin Update, but interestingly Matt Cutts of Google first called this update “over optimization filter” and then […]