Shooting Game Tutorial – HitTest

movieclip hittest flash

This HitTest tutorial is an example of basic shooting game. Basic but troublesome for many actionscript programmers to develop in Flash. So, here are quick instructions for you to give it a start. Follow them and try to get good understanding of AS3 programming, this tutorial will cover most common How-To-Dos. 1- Hittest flash demo […]

HTML5 document structure – Working Example

Given HTML5 snippet is a live tutorial to show how HTML5 document structure looks like and how web browser interprets HTML5 script. This tutorial is part of my appreciated article – HTML5 Basic Document Structure that you should go through for complete theory behind the tutorial. Visual illustration HTML5 basic structure <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head>…</head> […]

HTML definitions

html introduction

Are you using HTML for long? Can you define it in few words? You would also be wondering if it’s possible to describe the four characters in couple of lines. Let’s take a look at few HTML definitions seen around the globe. 1- W3C This is the language for describing the structure of Web pages. […]

Introduction to HTML

html introduction

Introduction to HTML Internet is a form of computer network which connects the whole world. An internet user is called a client when connected; and a website provides its services to clients. The website, as a service provider, requires to be connected 24 x 7 so that it’s available every moment. Still a client cannot […]

Web designing process step by step

web design process

Through this one page, I am trying to accumulate the whole process of website creation. In most cases, you can follow web designing process step by step for a successful and speedy completion of website. However, there are situations when you need to quit one or two steps in between and then come back to […]

Introduction to web designing

web designing

May be you are not very friendly with things working behind the computer. You would be using internet in your daily life but “web designing” is a whole new term for you. So, just read on to get an idea behind the making of your favorite websites – their purpose and goals. And next time, […]