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How to Create a Website Free of Cost

create free website

Maintaining a good website is not easy for starters as it requires both time and money. People with good coding skills come with a level of confidence and they also risk spending some money in order to publish a website. Today, I am going to list here few services that are essential for any blog […]

WEB PLATFORM DOCS – not just community-driven site!

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“Web Platform Docs is currently in alpha” as on Jan 16, 2013. It was October 8, 2012 when W3C announced Web Platform Docs and one more yet fresh and new community driven site was launched to help web developers and designers. I instantly visited the website www.webplatform.org with curiosity and lots of excitement. This is […]

HTML5 – Basic Document Structure

html5 document structure

The truth is basic document structure has not changed much but HTML5 is semantically far better than HTML4 Lots of people from the web industry are excited about HTML5 and its usage. This is also true that very few professionals are working with HTML5 really very well (in the context of basic HTML5 document structure). […]

Introduction to HTML

html introduction

Introduction to HTML Internet is a form of computer network which connects the whole world. An internet user is called a client when connected; and a website provides its services to clients. The website, as a service provider, requires to be connected 24 x 7 so that it’s available every moment. Still a client cannot […]

Web designing process step by step

web design process

Through this one page, I am trying to accumulate the whole process of website creation. In most cases, you can follow web designing process step by step for a successful and speedy completion of website. However, there are situations when you need to quit one or two steps in between and then come back to […]

Introduction to web designing

web designing

May be you are not very friendly with things working behind the computer. You would be using internet in your daily life but “web designing” is a whole new term for you. So, just read on to get an idea behind the making of your favorite websites – their purpose and goals. And next time, […]